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Dynamic Call Tracking for Contractors

With dynamic call tracking you can analyze phone call data to determine where your leads are coming from.

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Effective Strategies That Allows You Know Where Your Phone Leads are Coming From

Call Tracking Services for Home Service Contractors

Most business receive phone calls throughout the day but you may not always be able to tell where they are coming from or why they are calling. Although caller ID may be a decent tool, it’s not robust enough to make the right decisions for scaling your business or marketing campaign.

Call tracking allows you to trace the source of calls. This function is often used in online lead generation by attributing calls to particular campaigns or advertising channels. Data collected can provide valuable insights that can be used to optimize strategies. Beyond “tracking” the calls, it also has powerful capabilities that allow businesses to improve customer experience and lead conversions.

Rank Nearby uses state-of the-art technology to track phone calls via dynamic number insertion (DNI). This provides our clients with detailed information about their source phone leads. This information is vital in ensuring that your marketing dollars are used wisely and efficiently.

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Benefits of Dynamic Call Tracking - Lead Attribution

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion is a call tracking feature that assigns unique tracking numbers to each online source. This allows businesses trace inbound calls back to their origins, so they can know where each call comes from.

It is important to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns on your business, whether they are paid or organic. Whether or not you see results has a direct effect on your bottom line and can dramatically affect future marketing plans. 

Don’t you want to know where your phone leads are coming from?

Rank Nearby offers dynamic call tracking services that allow you to track where your leads are coming in. This data will allow you to make informed marketing decisions in real time.

Phone Call Tracking & Dynamic Number Insertion

How does Dynamic Call Tracking work?

You have likely implemented various digital marketing strategies for your business that have generated leads in the past, but have you been certain on what works and what doesn’t? If you are not sure of the sources of your leads, how do you know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not?

With dynamic call tracking services, we create unique dynamic numbers for website visitors coming to the site from various search results, social media or paid ads. This allows for significant insight into how paid campaigns and organic SEO efforts are affecting the online visibility of your business. It also provides insight into which website visitors are actually converting into leads for the business.

DNI creates unique phone numbers for each type of online lead source. They can come in the form of online ads or even content pieces ranking high on Google’s search results.

Potential customers are then directed to your website where they can find your company number. Note that the phone number displayed will be different based on the online lead source from which your site visitor lands on your website.

Call tracking improves the customer experience

Benefits of Call Tracking

Based on the call tracking definition, it is a system used to measure the impact of inbound calls driven by marketing initiatives. In this case, any business that relies on customer calls benefits from having a call tracking system.

Here are the many benefits of including call tracking in your marketing initiatives:

  • Gain insight into your marketing campaigns
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Improve customer experience
  • Prevent wasted ad spending
  • Boost return on investment (ROI)
  • Track online marketing efforts

If you’re still wondering if call tracking is right for your business, you may want to find out more about how call tracking has benefited home service contractors in different industries.

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